Years of Knowlege – Learning To Truly Smile

It might be a surprise to discover that a one of the most sought after modeling features is a healthy smile. Having shot the images of numerous models that are particular about their smiles it is now clear there are some do’s, and dont’s to smile modeling.

Practice Smiling

practice smilingHave you heard of a “simple grin”? People who have smiles that are simple break right into a smile effortlessly, plus it makes those around them feel happy and encourages them to smile as well. Smiling will become easier with practice, but you’re going to seem strained when you are doing it when you practice a lot. However, in no time should your self-confidence in your smile increase, and you will begin flashing it every chance you get.

Brushing Lightly

bright smileThere is no need to brush like a crazy person. Keep it simple! Although your teeth seem hard to you, treat them more gently. It will pay off in the long run. Also, your gums will thank you for not brushing so hard. They are affected by the strength of your brush stroke as well. My dentist in Ft. Lauderdale always stressed this to me…I guess I was an aggressive brusher?

Other Tips

Like I said before, try whitening strips or see your dentist in case your choppers have yellowed with age. Correcting split, broken, or teeth that are missing will probably mean sometimes having a dental visit.

Dental visits play an important part in a beautiful grin, although you might think of these as the worst experience in the world. So stop avoiding appointments and brush, floss, and rinse using an antibacterial mouthwash daily.

Consider the one you adore

How broadly we smile is related to whether we are really happy in the minute. Many people just can not put on a real smile that looks genuine. However, you can fool yourself by thinking about someone or something that makes you happy, and makes you smile BIG. This has always been the easier way for me to put on a natural smile. I often thing about my family, my little brother, and the younger years where things weren’t as complicated. My outfits back there were great looking too!

In summary, there are many tips to having a nicer smile I revealed to you in this article. Please use them all – they will help you get the smile you’ve wanted and truly deserve. Maybe one day we’ll see you on the modeling runway at the next beauty pageant.

Side Note – if that happens, you have to give me credit for telling you all my bright smile secrets!

Thinking of Those Little Acupuncture Needles?

acupunctureNowadays, almost everyone is looking for alternative medicine and treatment. In fact, there is a tendency to doubt the western medicine and science since it is seen to cause some serious side effects after taking medicine or some of its procurers. Acupuncture is one such alternative medicine and has been in use for quite a long time now. For those who have tried it, they can confidently say that they lead a simpler, more meaningful and healthier life. It has assisted them to view the world from another perspective; with more clarity, patience, gratitude, openness, compassion and hope. It has really changed them! I’ve bought into this movement as well, and I love it so far. I called up my local Acupuncture Miami office and scheduled an appointment a few months ago. Its helped me in may ways, now let me tell you how it can help you…

Below are some of the ways in which acupuncture treatment can benefit you:

It opens the mind

Acupuncture needs you to think about your health in completely new ways. Regardless of the noble attempts by many people to obtain one, there exists no known biomedical equivalent for meridians or Qi. Well, you can enlighten us if you come across any! But the fact is that this treatment turns the mainstream medical precepts on their head. It shall remind a person that there are hosts of ways for viewing the world.

It helps reduce stress

Acupuncture can take the edge off. It gets you out of your persistent sympathetic dominance state of mind that so many individuals find themselves in. It mellows out your nervous system to assist you to feel better again and also be in a position to get a grip on stressful aspects of your life.

Inspiration to go out head high

Human beings, in the acupuncture theory, are seen as natural world’s microcosms that surround them. Such things as the climate seasonal change factor greatly into the acupuncture diagnose and treatment. When a person starts thinking about his or her health in such a manner and realizes the intimate connection they have with Mother Nature, they get a desire and inspiration to get out there and interact with their natural habitat.

Rejuvenates you

Even though it is typical to get oneself in the blissfully relaxed state of acupuncture land, the next thing you realize is that your body has been rejuvenated and much stronger than before. Most people have reported that after getting an acupuncture treatment, they feel rejuvenated for hours or even days. You might find yourself hitting the gym harder than before and even avoiding your post-lunch siesta or simply sensing an extra spring as you rise to your feet.

Clears the head

acupuncture needlesWhen you emerge from the acu land, you might realize that you have improved mental clarity not to mention the additional physical energy. You are able to reason and make up your mind faster and confidently. You feel more resolute and motivated concerning handling items that used to challenge you before. It is as if your mental cobwebs and fear were entirely cleared out.

Taking a break

Acupuncture helps you easily understand the source of your body fatigue. It will also broaden your awareness of things that might impact on your emotional and physical health.

Hair Products That Keep Your Hairstyle Natural and Radiant

hair care productsHave you always wanted to take care of your hair in the most proper way? Did you want your hair to grow naturally and retain its radiance with time? This guide will show you how black hair care products and good grooming techniques will keep your hair healthy, wealthy and wise. This guide is primarily aimed at women with curly hair. However, some concepts can be applied for everyone. So, let’s continue.

Keep in mind that if your using any tope of hair weave, you’ll need to make sure to use these types of products religiously in order to keep your weave looking fresh and healthy. My personal favorite site to research these Reviews his Check our the Queen Virgin Remy review they just published.

Grow Your Hair As You Take Care of It

If you have curly hair, there are places your hair’s natural oils won’t be able to reach. To ensure that this doesn’t happen, dermatologists recommend applying hair conditioner liberally. This can enable naturally-occurring hair oils to travel deep into the hair shaft, keeping your hair moisturized at length. When you take a shower, it is recommended to use conditioner only to wash your hair. Just use shampoo once a week. In case you want some extra moisture, using a leave-in conditioner can help you.

Once a month, use a deep conditioner. They typically contain avocado, sweet almond, and olive oil. Caution is advised as the deep conditioner should not fall on your scalp. It could result in hair loss and also clog pores. With these black hair care products, your hair can grow naturally. One important thing you can do is to heat your hair. Apply heat and let it be trapped in your hair with a shower cap. This can activate the conditioner. Done with all this? Now it’s time for the next phase.


Take note that moisturizers that are good for hair are the ones that do not contain mineral oil, petroleum jelly, and petrolatum. To get started with moisturizers, the first step is to wet your hair with water. Once done, you will need to apply moisturizer from about 2 inches away from the hair roots to all the way up to the ends. You will need to do this regularly on a daily basis, as the moisturizer makes hair feel soft and free flowing. Again, this is especially important if your waiting any type of hair weave, especially if you purchased Indique hair.


combing hairLast, but not the least, how you comb your hair has a huge impact on how your hair grows. Dermatologists recommend excessive brushing of hair can put the protective layers of your hair at risk. So, whenever you are brushing your hair, brush gently and choose a soft brittle brush to make your hairline smooth. Ensure that your hair is dry and moisturized when you get to combing. You can also comb your hair with a wide-toothed comb. Here you will need to divide your hair into sections, combing from the ends and working your way up to the hair roots.

Black hair care products, such as multivitamins, are also recommended. They aid in the natural anagenesis that handles natural hair growth. To help you take advantage of increased hair growth, adopt a diet that consists of fruits and vegetables and nuts. Water intake should be kept at eight glasses per day minimum. Even exercise and other mediation and yoga techniques have a direct effect on your hair growth.

Brazilian Hair Care For Black Women

brazilian hair weave care pillsHair care is essential for everyone, regardless of their gender and ethnicity. However, the quality of hair differs according to ethnic background and so does the care required for the different hair types. Black women’s hair tends to get dry and frizzy due to their unique hair quality. When not taken care of properly, the hair can become unmanageable and rough, which looks unappealing. When hair is in a state that is difficult to handle, many women head over to salon’s and hair dressers in order to get them to their original condition. This can prove to be an expensive solution.
A much wiser option is to take care of your hair at home using these tips and your hair will look better than ever, within a few weeks of following these treatments. Keep in mind these are tips for natural hair care, not weave hair care which I’ll cover in another article. If you have Brazilian hair installed, some of the tips below will not help you because it is not your natural hair. As a sneak preview into my future article, check out the video below from one of the most respected hair providers.

Right Hair Care Products

The first and most essential step to hair care for black women is choosing the right shampoo that requires a knowhow of your hair type. If your hair is dry, use a moisturizing shampoo or one that promises results for damaged hair. Use a conditioner for damaged hair as well as this is what will keep your hair looking soft and manageable for long. Your hair will only look as healthy as they are. You cannot expect your hair to look great if they are not healthy. Healthy hair requires proper nutrition and care.

Make sure you wash and condition your hair every other day, instead of every day. Invest in good quality hair products so that you do not end up damaging your hair even more because of the harsh chemicals in cheaper products. You need your hair to regain their moisture, shine and elasticity in order to look good.

Hair Care Supplements

Your hair requires nutrition, and if your food intake doesn’t contain the right nutrients, it can also cause rough and unmanageable hair. Get your doctor to prescribe healthy hair vitamin supplements as these will help improve the quality of your hair within two weeks.

Be Gentle with Your Hair

Make sure you do not treat your hair harshly by tying it too hard which will cause breakage, or brushing them when they are wet. Use your fingers to detangle your hair after a wash and then let them air dry. Stay away from styling tools as they dry out hair and cause breakage.

Oiling Hair

washing hair weavesHair care for black women can be challenging as their hair quality is naturally rough. However, by oiling your scalp at least twice a week, you will be able to make them much more manageable. Curly hair requires moisturizing so use hair oils that help lock the moisture in your hair. These hair oils include coconut, almond, castor, olive and herb oils. Make a blend of all these oils and apply to your hair regularly to keep your hair looking beautiful.
It will take at least two to three weeks of constant hair care for black women to get their hair looking beautiful, manageable and shiny. By using the above hair care tips, you will be able to have healthy good looking hair in no time.

Sneak Preview Of My Next Article

As I mentioned before, I’ll be writing another article in the future out how to care for hair weaves. Here is a sneak preview of one of the popular hair companies today: Her Imports.

Best Hair Weave Styles Used By Celebrities

Fashion and glamour have reached new heights, with celebrities getting increasing amounts of spotlight from print and electronic media. The fashion industry is abuzz with the latest dresses and jewelries that are worn by superstars and celebrities. Even the hairstyle of celebrities gets more media attention now and provides a direction for their fans on how to look chic. Celebrities know how to remain in news in one way or another.

Hairs weaves styles look modern and stylish, require less maintenance, and are one of the best options if you want to give your hairstyle a new and unique look. If you are short of ideas on what hairstyle to choose, just look at our celebrity’s weave style collection and make a decision after that. This would certainly help make the right choice.

Here are some of the best hair weave styles from celebrities you can try:

Rihanna Fenty Weave

Rihanna hair

Topping the list is none other than Rihanna, with the brilliant curls for blonde hair. If you are lucky NS HAVE blonde hair, check this style out. It looks fantastic and romantic at the same time. It makes the tips of your weave look feathered. Moreover, if you have a high forehead, use bangs to conceal it. Smoky makeup, along with glossy lipstick, will give you a stunning look. Do not miss this weave style if you are a beautiful blonde.

Kerry Washington Weave

Kerry Washington Hair

The combination of a long bob and uneven bangs makes this hair weave style an instant hit. It might not suit everyone, but the face of Kerry Washington is perfectly suited for such a hairstyle. One thing you can do, if you are trying to duplicate this style, is cut your bangs to make it appropriate for your face. If you have a rounded face, short bangs will look much better on you. Otherwise, go for longer bangs.



Beyonce Knowles Weave

beyonce hair

This hairstyle is for those with an oval-shaped face. Straighter hair makes an impact in this hairstyle. It is well suited for special occasions where you want to shine. A light hairspray to keep the hairs from flying will do the trick for this hairstyle. Use appropriate makeup to suit this hairstyle and look like Beyonce Knowles. She looked fabulous with this hairstyle, and you might be able to achieve the same. Check out Beyonce’s website here:

Kelly Rowland Voluminous Weave

Kelly Rowland Hair

Do you want to add volume to your hair? If yes, then try this hair weave style out – Voluminous locks with long bangs at an angle. This hairstyle is ideal for women with long narrow faces and it can make their faces look more oval. If you do not have a long narrow face, you can also apply this hairstyle with short bangs. Kelly often uses a Brazilian deep wave hair weave that makes this style look great.



Naomi Campbell Weave

Naomi Campbell HairBlunt bangs with straight weaves makes this hair weave style stands out from others, and it would aid you in doing so in the crowd. It is flattening for long oval shaped faces. Use smoky eye makeup and add long lashes to this hairstyle and you will certainly make a lasting impression on anyone who looks at you. Using hairspray and a hair straightener will enhance the look even further.

A Woman’s Beauty Is Unique!

Screen Shot 2015-03-06 at 7.18.05 PMAll women are not the same! They all have a different body shapes and sizes. All have different styles and tastes.

What qualities do women have that make them beautiful? Just to name a few:

  • Poise
  • Inner Beauty
  • Personality
  • Charm
  • Outer beauty
  • Kindness

A woman will do anything to make herself feel and look beautiful. A woman who has no confidence in her beauty cannot be convinced by anyone that she is.

However, as a woman there are simple ways to make your body to look “ideal”. They include:

  • Exercise
  • Nutrition

You should plan a diet that is nutritious for your lifestyle and also ensure your doing physical types of exercises. You can join an exercise group. A support group will ensure that you always follow your routine and diet. No matter the shape, age of a woman, staying in shape is possible and has positive results such as better body shape and longer life. Good healthy nutrition habits should also be practiced if you want to keep yourself healthy and looking beautiful. Its often said that what you put into your body is reflected and shows on the outside.

There are many products that are sold on the market today that can help you look and feel more beautiful. These include hair, skin, and nail products. Clothes and accessories can make a woman look her best. The same goes with the use of perfumes, lotions and makeup.

For your face, you can find effective creams which can be used in removing, minimizing and hiding both wrinkles and lines. Makeup can also be used. It should be used in such a way that it is not noticeable more than your face. If it is, then you are hiding whereas you should be enhancing your natural beauty.

For your hair, you can hire the services of a professional hairdresser. You have to choose a suitable hair style that makes you happy and confident.