Best Hair Weave Styles Used By Celebrities

Fashion and glamour have reached new heights, with celebrities getting increasing amounts of spotlight from print and electronic media. The fashion industry is abuzz with the latest dresses and jewelries that are worn by superstars and celebrities. Even the hairstyle of celebrities gets more media attention now and provides a direction for their fans on how to look chic. Celebrities know how to remain in news in one way or another.

Hairs weaves styles look modern and stylish, require less maintenance, and are one of the best options if you want to give your hairstyle a new and unique look. If you are short of ideas on what hairstyle to choose, just look at our celebrity’s weave style collection and make a decision after that. This would certainly help make the right choice.

Here are some of the best hair weave styles from celebrities you can try:

Rihanna Fenty Weave

Rihanna hair

Topping the list is none other than Rihanna, with the brilliant curls for blonde hair. If you are lucky NS HAVE blonde hair, check this style out. It looks fantastic and romantic at the same time. It makes the tips of your weave look feathered. Moreover, if you have a high forehead, use bangs to conceal it. Smoky makeup, along with glossy lipstick, will give you a stunning look. Do not miss this weave style if you are a beautiful blonde.

Kerry Washington Weave

Kerry Washington Hair

The combination of a long bob and uneven bangs makes this hair weave style an instant hit. It might not suit everyone, but the face of Kerry Washington is perfectly suited for such a hairstyle. One thing you can do, if you are trying to duplicate this style, is cut your bangs to make it appropriate for your face. If you have a rounded face, short bangs will look much better on you. Otherwise, go for longer bangs.



Beyonce Knowles Weave

beyonce hair

This hairstyle is for those with an oval-shaped face. Straighter hair makes an impact in this hairstyle. It is well suited for special occasions where you want to shine. A light hairspray to keep the hairs from flying will do the trick for this hairstyle. Use appropriate makeup to suit this hairstyle and look like Beyonce Knowles. She looked fabulous with this hairstyle, and you might be able to achieve the same. Check out Beyonce’s website here:

Kelly Rowland Voluminous Weave

Kelly Rowland Hair

Do you want to add volume to your hair? If yes, then try this hair weave style out – Voluminous locks with long bangs at an angle. This hairstyle is ideal for women with long narrow faces and it can make their faces look more oval. If you do not have a long narrow face, you can also apply this hairstyle with short bangs.



Naomi Campbell Weave

Naomi Campbell HairBlunt bangs with straight weaves makes this hair weave style stands out from others, and it would aid you in doing so in the crowd. It is flattening for long oval shaped faces. Use smoky eye makeup and add long lashes to this hairstyle and you will certainly make a lasting impression on anyone who looks at you. Using hairspray and a hair straightener will enhance the look even further.

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