Truax FLX-II Grass Drill Price Schedule - End Wheel Drive

Model # Planting Width Standard Drill Cool Season Box No-Till
FLXII-86 4 FT $5,129.00 $1,142.00 $1,812.00
FLXII-88 5.3 FT $6,979.00 $1,524.00 $2,416.00
FLXII-812 8 FT $7,808.00 $1,991.00 $3,624.00
FLXII-816 10.5 FT $9,509.00 $2,654.00 $4,832.00
FLXII-818 12 FT $10,679.00 $2,986.00 $5,436.00
FLXII-822 15 FT $13,058.00 $3,650.00 $6,644.00

Add aproximately 2.5 feet to planting width for overall width of end wheel drive drills. The standard Truax Grass Drill comes equipped with a native grass seed box (fluffy seed) and a small seed box (legume box). The cool season seed box and no-till attachments are both optional. The cool seed box will also plant grains. Lock-out hubs are optional on all drills except the FLXII-88, which include a lock-out hub as standard equipment. Two lock-out hubs are required for the FLXII-22, if equiping the drill with lock-out hubs. Acre meters are optional on all drills except the FLXII-86. An acre meter is not available for the FLXII-86.

Acre meter $125
Lock-out hub $225

Additional options are available. For more information go to
Several styles of no-till coulters are available. However, the trash plow style are recommended for many situations. Go to to view other no-till options.

Prices FOB Minneapolis, MN. Call for a shipping quote. Allow 2 business days for a response.
Prices subject to change.